Liven-up Lunch with Us! 3rd celebration of It’s Lunchtime


Let's Liven Up Lunch
Making Lunchtimes, tasty, healthy & enjoyable!

In the good old days, the phrase ‘out to lunch’ used to mean a very extended mid-day break, then the  recession hit, things changed and few could afford lunch anyway! Then things began to get better the government, then the PM changed, the economy began to improve and even Brexit didn’t seem to change much! So suddenly from being cash-poor, we all started to become time-poor instead, so guess what? We started to skip lunch as the easiest way of packing in a full day!

We all know Lunch is important and of course it should be fun, enjoyable, healthy and nutritious in order to maintain energy levels throughout the day, but when busy, it’s so easy just to forget it and work-on through which is why with It’s Lunchtime we, and our brand partners are aiming to help Liven-up Lunch once again!

It’s Lunchtime offers simple tips, advice and recipes, plus you can actually come along to one of our Lip-smacking It’s Lunchtime RoadShows and get a taste of just how easy, good and healthy lunch can be. All without ‘wasting precious time or breaking the bank’!

Our Brilliant Brand Partners

We’d like to say a BIG thank-you to our brilliant brand partners who have once again helped make this It’s Lunchtime activity possible.

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