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Carte Noire – A Coffee Named Desire
L’art de vivre - l'art du café La passion d’un Français CARTE NOIRE was created in the 1970’s at the Grand’Mere Café in Roubaix, by expert coffee roaster René Monnier, who had a vision to combine his coffee knowledge with the French art de vivre. He felt that in a country where good food and wine are highly celebrated, excellent coffee should not be an exception. So he decided to make use of his many years of coffee making experience to create a uniquely, stylish French coffee, CARTE NOIRE. Drawing on the luxury world that was emerging around emblematic French fashion personalities, he decided to push the boundaries even further and create not only high quality coffee in a cup, but also packaging that looked like a luxurious object of desire, something to offer as a gift, with a unique “couture” signature. As a result, CARTE NOIRE soon became one of the leading coffee brands in the country. Today CARTE NOIRE is the best-selling coffee in France*. Since then, the brand has relentlessly strived to maintain the same ambition and passion, thriving for constant modernisation, progress and innovation in coffee culture. Today, the brand encompasses a vast portfolio of coffee types to suit all occasions, from your morning booster, to a post lunch espresso, or your regular evening decaf. *Nielsen P12 2012 – CARTE NOIRE is coffee market business leader with 21.8% market share in France.
Experience Carte Noire – Le Baiser (The Kiss)! A beautiful, short film created by renowned Hollywood director Tarsem to encapsulate the joy of Parisian life and café culture, embodying the spirit and passion of CARTE NOIRE.
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