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"Lavazza is a moment of pleasure that
symbolises the familiar and emotional bond between Italians and their cup of coffee!”
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Lavazza – A Great Italian Story! The foundations of Lavazza coffee From its humble beginnings in a small grocery shop on the Via San Tommaso 10, in the heart of Turin in 1895, Lavazza’s founder, Luigi Lavazza, began to experiment with coffee bean blends, creating in 1900, the very first Italian blended coffee. Now 114 years later, Lavazza has become the biggest Espresso brand in the World. Lavazza’s Qualità Rossa is now also the UK’s leading roast & ground coffee brand. Our commitment to coffee is a family matter! From the beginning, Lavazza has been a family company committed to achieving excellence in the production of coffee. Counting on over 120 years of experience in coffee blending, this passion for coffee, successful ideas and an innovative spirit have become Lavazza’s driving forces. Today the fourth generation of the Lavazza family strives to ensure that Lavazza remains the symbol of Italian coffee around the world, the privileged beacon of Italian style and that of the Italian ‘way of life!’